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Now accepting applications for the Bob Miller Memorial Scholarship

The Intertribal Agriculture Council is now accepting applications for the 2022 Bob Miller Memorial Scholarship. There will be two college students selected per region to receive a scholarship for the 2021 Fall term and 2022 Spring term. The deadline for this scholarship is February 28, 2022.

Students that have participated in IAC activities are eligible to apply for the Bob Miller Memorial Scholarship. Previous youth involvements include participation in IAC Youth Summits, Internships, and Essay Contests.

Up to 24 recipients will receive a $2,000 scholarship (receiving $1,000 in the fall semester and $1,000 in the spring semester)

Preference will be given to full-time, undergraduate students; part-time and/or graduate students will be considered after full-time, undergraduate students.

Preference in degree path is given to students pursuing a degree in Agriculture, Agriculture Business, Agriculture Education, Agriculture Engineering, Animal Science, Environmental Management, Horticulture, Natural Resource Management, Range Management, Soil Science, Veterinary Medicine, or other related fields of food or agricultural study.

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.25.

Students must submit an online application no later than Febuary 28, 2022.

A complete application includes the submission of our online application form and includes the following:

  • Transcript/Academic Admission Documentation:

    • Returning College Students: Student must provide an unofficial copy of their college transcripts; or,

    • First Time College Students: Student must provide an admission letter letter and a copy of their high school transcripts

  • Application Essay

  • Two (2) Professional Reference letters

  • A Complete Cover Letter (following scholarship application standards)

  • A Complete Resume (following scholarship application standards)

Application Essay Requirements

Help us to understand how the IAC has made an impact in your life. Answer questions of: (500 - 1,500 total words)

Here are some questions to help you in developing your essay, but please feel free to expand to your future goals and aspirations in an agriculture related field or occupation:

  • Help us understand how agriculture has made an impact in your life.

  • What has your involvement been with agriculture/food systems?

  • What are some of the greatest lessons you've learned with your involvement in agriculture/food systems?

  • How do you foresee your continued involvement in agriculture/food systems?

  • What agriculture/food systems related career goals do you have that would be furthered through receiving this scholarship? (We want to know how your education is going to be used to benefit the betterment of Indian people in the future.)

Reference Letters Requirements

Please provide two (2) reference letters that speak to your abilities and community involvement. Reference letters should be written by someone you have worked with or for (employers, professors, community members, no family or friends)

Cover Letter Requirements

Provide Contact Information

Provide Mailing Address

  • One page, single spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, signed and dated at the bottom of the page;

  • Express how this scholarship will benefit your educational endeavors if awarded this scholarship;

  • Illustrate why you are a qualified candidate for this scholarship program;

  • Provide brief context about experiences with IAC and the impact of IAC has had in your life;

Resume Requirements


Contact information

  • Experiences (Jobs, Internships, etc.)

    • Dates hired

    • Brief description of job

    • Reference/contact info of each employment (Name, email, phone number)

    • Demonstrate your involvement within other agricultural opportunities (volunteering, internships, community involvement, passions, culture, etc.)

  • Education

    • Name of School

    • Degree you are pursuing

    • Start date

    • GPA while in program

  • Awards

    • Any educational, community, employment, extracurricular awards/activities

  • Community/Tribal activities and involvement

  • In school activities and involvement

  • Career goals


1 Comment

Feb 28, 2022

The the scholarship application states "no later than February 28th" this statement indicates that we should be able to submit today.

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