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Shout out to Bluestone Life and the 1% for the Planet Network

The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) network is composed of a vast community of farmers, ranchers, traditional foragers, policy makers, academics, governmental leaders, authors, activists, and young people rising the ranks. IAC is aware that our power is in numbers and that the support, encouragement, and friendship of our partners helps broaden our ability to do this great work. We happily owe yet another shout out to a great partner organization, Bluestone Life, for sponsoring us within the 1% for the Planet Network.

As we contemplate the way we are activating and empowering a national movement of Indigenous farmers and ranchers who currently represent 3 percent of all agriculture in the U.S. managing 59 million acres of land to collectively return to Native, holistic, regenerative ways of producing food and agricultural products, we understand that corporate sponsorship will provide vital support to our movement. Feel free to look us up on 1% and please do take a look at Bluestone's innovative business model that prioritizes excellent service to clients and community.



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