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American Indian Foods (AIF) is a program of the Intertribal Agriculture Council that began in 1998 under contract with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. The partnership was developed as a platform for American Indian food businesses to showcase their products and share Tribal cultures with the world. American Indian Foods come from coast to coast in the United States and are grown on the pristine lands of Native Nations or raised in their natural waters. Many of these products are still traditionally harvested in ways defined hundreds of years ago. Native American communities are close knit, as many nations gather families and friends annually to harvest, celebrate, and give thanks.


The IAC American Indian Foods Program offers a variety of programs and services to assist Native American and Alaskan Native agribusiness owners and entrepreneurs seeking new markets or export expansion. Our programs offer opportunities and resource support through every phase. 

American Indian Foods Export Program
Through our export program, we provide members with a platform to showcase their products and culture with the world through international trade show activities and buyer missions. Activities emphasize export readiness and exposure to international markets. To learn more about our Export Program and how to apply [click here]

Native Food Connection

Through Native Food Connection, the IAC-American Indian Foods Program is expanding public awareness of Native food producers across the United States. Creating domestic market opportunities for Native American and Alaskan Native agribusinesses while providing marketing education and collaboration with Native conferences. This will lead to new market opportunities for Tribal producers and reframe the growing Native culinary movement to encompass the entire spectrum of the Indian Agriculture and food sector.

Major activities include: 

  • Facilitation of market access for Native products and services;

  • Native food product features in Native organization-sponsored conferences and events;

  • Support for more effective branding and trademarking of products, and producer marketing education.

Menu and Chef Promotion:

We have pre-planned menu options that can make your event memorable. All ingredients and products for your event can be 100% sourced from Native producers. IAC-AIF has developed working partnerships with Native Chefs who can assist in menu building and oversight to make your banquet, luncheon, and event a success. 

Already have a menu and interested in sourcing products or ingredients from Native producers? We can help!

Contact us at:

'Made/Produced by American Indians' Trademark

The "Made/Produced by American Indians" trademark is monitored and marketed by the Intertribal Agriculture Council. Our trademark certifies a product is 100% made or produced by a federally recognized Tribal entity or individual. To learn more about our trademark and how to apply [click here]​

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More information about the American Indian Foods program can be found on the American Indian Foods program website: or contact us at

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