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Planting Plants

The IAC Rege[N]ation Pledge and Seal is exclusively available to Native American and Alaskan Native agriculturalists -- from farmers, ranchers to harvesters and foragers, who pledge to:

  • work in tandem with my animals, land, water, and crops to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with them in-tune with the environment and self.

  • have a genuine connection with the ecosystem and the citizens of my Tribal, local, and global community that promotes its greater wellbeing.

  • promote the renewal of ancient, Native-led wisdom in my agricultural endeavors that  returns us to the type of practices that have been regenerative in nature for generations to come. 


The seal and pledge elevates the story of Native American and Alaskan Native agriculture and environmental stewardship, while honoring traditional, cultural, and Native-led agricultural wisdom.

Approved Rege[N]ation participants will be evaluated annually by IAC to review the producers effectiveness to replace or eliminate synthetic and industrialized inputs with natural-based methods and/or traditional agricultural practices specific to the Tribal ag producer. IAC will also review contributions made towards improving the outcomes for land, water, community, and other ecological systems.

Approved Rege[N]ation producers will receive a certificate and can be found on the IAC-AIF trademark directory.

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How to Apply?

Submit the American Indian Foods Trademark application here.

Already an AIF Member? 

If you are a member of the AIF Program, reach out to the AIF staff to begin the application process. Email with any questions. 

​requirements: ​
  • Must be a federally recognized Tribal member/entity or Alaskan Village as defined by law OR a controlling shareholder with 51% interest or more. For Tribal Enterprises/Entities: Proof of tribal ownership - Tribal Council Resolutions OR Authorized Statement from the current Tribal Executive Leader. For Individual Indian Producers: Proof of tribal enrollment - Tribal identification OR enrollment card.

  • Producers must be willing to provide their vision statement and goals outlining their traditional and regenerative agricultural endeavors:

    • What are the ways you are increasing the health and wellbeing of your plants/animals and people?

    • How do your practices reflect Native-led wisdom?

    • Describe how your regenerative endeavors improve the outcomes for land, water and other natural systems?  

  • Producers incorporate traditional agricultural wisdom to work in tandem with the animals, land, water, and crops to develop a mutually beneficial relationship in-tuned with the environment and self.

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