We have taken major strides toward rebuilding the foundations of Indian agriculture and Land use. Membership dues for the coming year are due prior to the Annual Membership Meeting, regional caucuses and elections at the annual meeting. In order to vote on caucus issues and elections, a member Tribe must have their dues paid and a delegate in place at the Membership Meeting. Please join us in this effort on behalf of Indian People.


The Intertribal Agriculture Council is a membership based organization. General membership consists of the 574 Federally Recognized Tribes. General membership on the council is vested with the tribes and not with any specific individual.


Voting Delegates $200 

Voting Delegates to the IAC will vote on the issues raised through our caucus process. Delegates are selected by the governing body of a member Tribe. The annual dues for 2020 are waived, due to our inability to hold an in-person meeting.


Associate Membership $25

Any person or organization supporting the purposes of the IAC may apply for Associate Membership, which does not confer voting rights. 


Corporate Membership $500

Any corporation supporting the purposes of the IAC may apply for Corporate Membership, which does not confer voting rights.

Why Join?


Policy Making. The benefit of voting membership, is to have a voice guiding the annual priorities of the organization. 


Advocacy. Membership of any type entitles the member to participate in various forums, symposia, meetings and committees, as well as receive the proceedings of the Annual Membership Meeting in December; held concurrently with the IAC Annual Conference as well as any correspondence sent to the general membership by the Board.

For questions, contact the main office at 406-259-2535 or via email at


2020 Membership Information Packet

The application process only requires a formal resolution from the respective Tribe; which includes naming the voting delegate (and alternate) to represent your Tribe’s interest - see sample resolution and letter. General membership on the Council is vested with the Tribes and not with any specific individual. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the $200 fee for voting participation is waived for the 2020 Virtual Membership Meeting on December 10, 2020.



Once approved, the voting delegate participates in the regional caucus to bring actionable items forward to the annual Membership Meeting, both of which occur each year during the early part of December at IAC’s Annual Conference.

Register NOW to participate in the 2020 IAC Virtual Annual Conference and Membership Meeting!

The 2020 Intertribal Agriculture Council Annual Conference is happening virtually, December 7-10, 2020; Regional Caucuses will occur on December 7th; Membership Meeting occurs on December 10th


Visit for conference information.

2020 IAC Playbook-1.png
Click on the playbook above to view the caucus issues approved at the 2019 Annual conference