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Are you interested in learning how Conservation Planning can improve your agricultural operation’s bottom line?  

Have you wondered what land stewardship practices would take your production to the next level? 


The Intertribal Agriculture Council is working with the NRCS in an effort to further enhance the stewardship of Native American lands by providing improved access to conservation planning technical assistance, management resources, and useful land stewardship tools. 


This presents Native producers with a unique opportunity to build upon their land stewardship knowledge base as they continue to improve the sustainability, health and profitability of their operation’s resources. As always, our programs are made available at no cost to Tribal producers. Contact us for a training session so we can design your Conservation Planning Tool Kit to be uniquely fit to your operation.

Livestock Indemnity Resources

Livestock Indemnity Program

IAC Recordkeeping: Death Loss Tracking

IAC Recordkeeping: Livestock 

USDA CCC-854 Livestock Indemnity Program Third Party Certification

Conservation Stewardship Program Resources

Conservation Stewardship Program

Applying for the Conservation Stewardship Program
(CSP) South Dakota FY2019

Link to USDA's CSP website