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Assistance to Apply for the USDA Discrimination Financial Assistance Program

Billings, Montana, October 30, 2023The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) is providing application assistance to Tribal agricultural producers who have experienced discrimination by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (USDA-FSA) and who are interested in applying for the USDA Discrimination Financial Assistance Program (DFAP). This critical, one-time program is designed to provide financial support to ranchers, farmers, and forest landowners who have been discriminated against by USDA-FSA in loan programs, including those who previously received Keepseagle settlement awards. IAC is actively seeking eligible American Indian and Alaska Natives to apply by the January 13, 2024, application deadline.

As a cooperator with USDA, IAC is hosting in-person events and virtual informational sessions to help Native producers complete their DFAP applications. The deadline to submit a request for USDA-FSA records related to discrimination claims is rapidly approaching on November 3, 2023. Requests for records must be made in writing by emailing or calling 1-800-721-0970 for more information about submitting a request in writing.

IAC is encouraging all Native producers to apply who believe they experienced discrimination by USDA-FSA loan programs before January 1, 2021. To facilitate the application process, USDA is offering multiple submission methods, including digital applications through an online portal, or traditional hardcopy submissions via mail or hand-delivery to regional processing centers; however, producers are strongly encouraged to use the online portal when possible to ensure a smooth and error-free submission process.

Due to the time consuming nature of submitting an application, IAC is offering in-person events and virtual informational sessions for Native producers nationwide. "Applying for financial assistance is not just about securing support,” said Kari Jo Lawrence, IAC’s Chief Executive Officer. “It's about empowering Native producers and ensuring they are recognized for their contributions in agriculture."

IAC will host a virtual information session on Tuesday, October, 31, 2023, at 3:00 pm CST. Register at Click the "Learn More" button below to find upcoming in-person events where application assistance will be offered, like IAC's Regional Summits or the 2023 IAC Annual Conference.

USDA Discrimination Financial Assistance Program

OCT 31 | 3 PM (CT)

Join the IAC for a virtual Q&A on the USDA Discrimination Financial Assistance Program (DFAP). This session will assist in answering your questions about the DFAP and provide support in filing the application.


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