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Investing in Data Visualization in Indian Country

In recent years, the Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) has embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its impact across Indian Country. We are excited to share the evolving capacity of IAC’s outreach through data tracking rooted in the stories of the Tribal producers we serve nationwide.

“With a nationwide strategy for outreach in Indian Country, the IAC recognized the importance of telling our story. This map offers a nuanced understanding of IAC's work by comprehensively depicting intricate patterns such as illustrating cropland, food access, or credit security. Through data collection and visualization, IAC facilitates more informed decision-making for operational success and identifies opportunities for future outreach initiatives." 

- Keir Johnson-Reyes, IAC Chief Stakeholder Engagement Officer

IAC’s data visualization transforms numbers into a rich tapestry of human experiences. Each data point represents an investment in Indian Country, showcasing the scope of IAC’s dedication to supporting food sovereignty for Tribes and Tribal producers. As contributors to the larger agricultural narrative, your support for IAC programming becomes an integral part of this collective endeavor. Will you consider making a gift today to further our mission?

Founded in response to the 1980s agricultural crisis and the neglect of federal trust responsibility, IAC evolved to increase access to crucial programs for disaster assistance for Native producers. Our founders worked to bridge the gap on make-or-break assistance offered due to financial and weather-related disastersperfect storms that impacted the entire agricultural industry. While significant progress has been made, some issues that led to the formation of IAC remain steadfast.

With more than three decades of experience addressing systemic inequities, the ability to tell these stories through data is imperative. These stories highlight the self-determination of Tribes and the successes and failures of individual producers. IAC has reimagined how we track our impact, offering a glimpse into the diversity of experiences within our network over the past three years. Our data embraces the reclamation of Native people and the land. 

Looking ahead to 2024, we are expanding IAC tracking capabilities, broadening the service footprint, and undertaking a more comprehensive data picture. The data enables us to see the gaps, affirming the challenges that persist on a national scale, such as credit and food deserts.

Your continued support empowers us to navigate these challenges and focus efforts where needed most. To amplify our impact across Indian Country, we invite you to make a donation to the Intertribal Agriculture Council. 

With your contribution of $5 or $250, IAC can shape initiatives that benefit the Native agriculturalists today and for future generations. Thank you for believing in the transformative power of our collective efforts in Indian Ag.


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