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Resiliency Through Agriculture: IAC Virtual Conference Registration OPEN!

Resiliency through Agriculture

Why gather online?  Because, as Native people, we find a way – no matter what. That is why the theme of the 2020 Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) Virtual Conference is Resiliency through Agriculture.  We do not have to tell fellow members of Indian Country that we are resilient.  However, we do need to continue to gather in circles wherever we may be and share because history is teaching the rest of the world what we have always known – there is strength in numbers and diversity.  The 2020 IAC Virtual Conference will bring together all of us – growers of plants, animals, and supporters of people in all these realms.  It is for those who genuinely want to assist in elevating not only the theme of Resiliency through Agriculture, but also the real work it will take to continue to raise our voices, our Native products and our unique and vital individual contributions we each have to bring forward to envision and implement a better future. “It has always been our way to find opportunity in adversity, and Indian Country is doing just that during this pandemic,” said Zach Ducheneaux - Executive Director of IAC. “The shortcomings of our industrialized food system are being exposed for all to see, and the need for solutions is being discussed more vigorously than ever.” “Society forgot about terms like resilience, sustainability, and diversity. We’re living through the result,” Ducheneaux went on. “We’ve always known and will always share the solutions.” This event historically focuses on improving federal and state program access, policy change through the U.S. Farm Bill as well as innovative and regenerative agriculture methods that will help inspire broader market access for Native products, improved ecological conditions, and increased overall sovereignty for Native producers.  In the past, the in-person conference attracted an average of 800-plus attendees from every sector. Designed with Native farmers and ranchers at the center, participants also include governmental, non-governmental, youth, and private sector representatives. The virtual format of the 2020 conference offers unprecedented opportunities to reach new and far larger audiences who are increasingly interested in the future of food and agriculture. “Our voice can be amplified and shared more broadly with the technology of the day, and IAC is amassing a library through our E-Learning Resiliency through Agriculture platform to replace what was lost in previous pandemics that ravaged this continent. All our presentations will be available even after the conference,” Ducheneaux made sure to point out. “How fitting to revert to oral traditions, just as our ancestors did, through the use of technology,” Ducheneaux said in closing. “This is the way we will continue to bring about solutions.” REGISTRATION INFOROMATION for VIRTUAL IAC CONFERENCE: Registration is NO COST so that all may feel able to attend.  It is a very simple form to fill out. Just make sure to put your address so you receive an amazing, conference in a box filled with fun gifts AFTER the conference is over. It is our way of thanking you for taking part.  More conference information will be coming in the weeks ahead such as a complete agenda, more speaker info, etc.  But right now, we just want to know who is coming!   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: December 7-10 Virtual Conference Registration Link Always watch our Facebook page, our IAC website and Resiliency in Action newsletter for ongoing updates.  Thank you so much! We really cannot wait to see you. 

December 7-10:   We will start at 10 a.m. Central Time each day.   Caucuses will be held December 7.  Membership meeting will be held December 10.    We cannot wait to see everyone online and in spirit!



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