The Power of Partnership: A Hearty Thanks to Our Sponsors

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The Intertribal Agriculture Council is well known on behalf of the stories from 80,000 producers growing food for our nation year after year, no matter the circumstances, IAC’s skilled nationwide Technical Assistance Network, and the 700-plus partners that form a vast and powerful network of partner organizations dedicated to Native sovereignty and resilience. We wish to thank those partners who have been able to offer assistance in putting on our 34th Annual Conference and Membership Meeting, which is our first ever to be done 100% virtually.

To date, over 20 partners have stepped up to sponsor the 2020 Intertribal Agriculture Council Virtual Conference as a gesture of commitment to advancing the cause of Native food and agriculture. Sponsoring organizations select sponsorships levels as detailed in IAC’s “Sponsorship Opportunities” brochure as follows: Champions of Native Agriculture ($10,000+), Ag Regenerators ($2,500+), Native Producer Proponents ($1,000 to $2,499), and Grassroots ($500).

Sponsors are entitled to special benefits detailed in the sponsorship level selected, such as, full access to all conference events, headliner logo placement on the homepage of the event, premium virtual trade show booth space and free virtual presentation time, sponsorship ads during conference tracks, virtual commercial breaks, program materials distributed to conference participants, “Resiliency through Agriculture” t-shirts, and “conference in a box” mailing stocked with IAC ‘schwag’ and Native foods from producers participating in IAC’s American Indian Foods program. Tribal sponsors receive the cost of their 2021 IAC membership.

Please take a moment to thank our sponsors by visiting their program pages and learning a bit about the important work they are doing for Indian Country and beyond.

Champions of Native Agriculture ($10,000+)

Ag Regenerators ($2,500+)

Native Producer Proponents ($1,000 to $2,499)

Grassroots ($500)

Storytelling Partners

We are also pleased to announce that the Montana Historical Society will partner with IAC to promote the Storytelling Competition. The Montana Historical Society has served as the official keeper of Montana’s story since 1865 and is responsible for publishing the award-winning quarterly, Montana: The Magazine of Western History that contains articles on the history of Montana and the West. As a symbolic gesture of supporting Native creativity, Humanities Montana, a highly respected mainstay of arts and culture, is sponsoring cash prizes for the final seven storytellers.

For questions about sponsorships including how to become a sponsor, please email Micaela Young, Director of Development at

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