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2022 IAC Food 4 Families Program

The 2022 Food 4 Families Program is currently not accepting applications. We look forward to support and highlight more Native youth in 2023. 

The IAC will again offer the Food 4 Families Initiative in 2022 to support local 4H, FFA or Tribally sanctioned livestock show programming. By requesting one of the two track options, a 4H or FFA Livestock show can request the support of Food 4 Families Initiative that best addresses their needs for marketing support:


Track A:

Processing Coupon

Successful youth applicants will have the slaughter fees associated with their livestock show animal covered by the IAC.


Track B:

Add-On Premium

This track requires that a youth completes this prerequisite online application form prior to their livestock show.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants include native youth participating in a 4H, FFA, or Tribally affiliated youth livestock show. 

  • Eligible youth are native youth that meets livestock show age requirements for youth participation.

  • Youth are only eligible to receive support from the Food 4 Families program once per year (For example: a single youth may not utilize Track A for one livestock show, but Track B for another).

  • Youth are only eligible to apply for the Food 4 Families program for a single livestock animal per show season (For example: a single youth may not pursue a Food 4 Families application for a show steer and a show lamb in the same year). 

  • Primarily eligible animals include sheep, goats, cattle, and swine. Livestock animals beyond these classes will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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