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Meat to Market is a partnership between the Intertribal Agriculture Council and the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance. Meat to Market is an extensive online business training for livestock producers all across Indian Country, encouraging them to embrace the possibility of direct marketing their meat and providing skills to do so.


Meat to Market will offer over 30 distinct courses as both individual trainings and modules of learning. Courses launched at the 2022 IAC Annual Conference and will continue as a webinar series through early 2024. Webinars are recorded live and uploaded to the IAC Mighty Networks e-learning platform as a free resource.



Social Media, Email, Websites, & E-commerce: Online Marketing Tactics

April 22 | 9:30 AM (MT)

Social media and email marketing are crucial communication tools, bridging the gap between business and consumer in an online exchange. In this course, we will take a look into social media and email marketing as a means of conveying your brand identity through storytelling to reach your ideal consumer. We will examine different social media case studies from Native producers, learn best practices and strategies for social media and email marketing, and explore how these contribute to the overall online marketing funnel. Finally, this course will take a brief look at e-commerce best practices to provide you with tools to use in developing your online marketing strategies.


Mia Cole, Good Meat Project

Guest Producer Speakers

Briana Widen, Widnor Farms



The project’s design is grounded in a thorough needs assessment conducted in 2020-2021 in which we surveyed producers across the country to better understand challenges, missing capacity and skills, in order to discover positive pathways for deeper learning.


The curriculum will be centered around a series of webinars and accompanying tools & templates taught by a diverse set of educators, guest speakers, and producers from across all nations.


Our goal is to invite both existing and emerging producers to lean into the beauty and potential of their entrepreneurial endeavors despite what scale they produce at. Our style will emphasize storytelling, case studies, and anecdotal information from producers themselves alongside materials and methodologies from trusted experts across multiple sectors of livestock business operations.

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