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2023 Young Professionals Application

Each Year, the Intertribal Agriculture Council's (IAC) Youth Program invites Young Professionals, ages 19-24 who are attending 2- year college or 4- year college programs to apply for a student leadership position at the 2023 IAC Annual Conference. This year, the IAC Annual Conference will be held December 12-14 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada! Young Professionals awarded will be student leaders assisting with moderating conference sessions in the youth track, facilitating breakout sessions/discussions, presenting research, and encouraging the younger youths’ participation.

All applications are due by 11:59:59 pm PST, Friday, October 13, 2023.



  1. Submit a resume following the outlined criteria (keep in mind what qualifies you to be a student leader for the youth at our Agriculture based conference.);

  2. One page MAX;

  3. No identifiable information (no name, contact information, or photos);

  4. Up to date as of September 2023;

  5. One short essay, 2 full pages minimum and 3 pages maximum (excluding works cited), should be double-spaced with 12-point Arial font, and have 1-inch margins.

Choose one of the 12 Farm Bill Titles highlighted in Gaining Ground to expand on in relation to your needs, your family’s needs, community needs, and or the world’s needs. You may discuss Tribal priorities outlined in Gaining Ground or identify issues, by Farm Bill Title, that may not be addressed in Gaining Ground. Provide examples of the following:

  • How the title you are addressing might overlap with or impact your future career and education goals.

  • What you think can be done today in preparation for the future generation’s ability to feed themselves utilizing the new Farm Bill.

  • If you identified an issue not otherwise covered by a Gaining Ground priority or opportunity, discuss which Title of the Farm Bill is most relevant to the issue, why it is a priority for you, and how it might impact you, your family or your community.





  1. The 2023 Young Professionals application is open to Native American Youth (either enrolled in a Federally Recognized Tribe OR descendants living on Indian-owned land) and an enrolled undergraduate student.

  2. There should be no identifiable information within the essay itself. (EX. Name, Tribe, etc.)

  3. Only one submission will be accepted per participant.

  4. Resume and Essay should be uploaded as a PDF.

  5. A blinded committee will review eligible applications and a number of young professionals will be awarded a full travel scholarship to attend the 2023 IAC Youth Conference in Las Vegas, December 12th-14th, 2023

  6. A full travel scholarship will offer a chance for you, the recipient, to fully participate in the respective 2023 IAC Annual Conference & Youth Meeting Sessions. The travel scholarship includes:

    • The most feasible travel accommodations for 1 awarded young professional (to be booked by the IAC travel agency);

    • Shared hotel accommodations with another young professional, checking into the Palms Casino Resort - Las Vegas on Monday, December 11, 2023 and checking out on Friday, December 15, 2023.

    • 1 total per diem gift card;

    • Paid registration to fully participate in all 2023 IAC Annual Conference & Youth Conference Sessions.

All applications were due by 11:59:59 pm PST, Friday, October 13, 2023.


* If you have a special learning style that will present a challenge to you in submitting your essay in adherence with the guidelines listed above, please reach out as soon as possible to learn of ways we can accommodate your submission.

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