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Indian Land Tenure Foundation has funding available for 2021 Tribal Land Office Internships

Are there high school students in your community who are interested in exploring a career in tribal land? ILTF is offering grants for interns (Up to $10,000 for one intern or $15,000 for two) to work in tribal land offices in 2021. The Foundation recognizes the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic for tribal operations across Indian Country, and we know that next summer's internships may need to be adapted depending if your land staff is working in the office, at home or some combination. Regardless, these internships offer a great opportunity for high school students to participate in a positive enrichment experience, and we encourage tribal staff to apply.

Interns should have completed their sophomore, junior or senior year of high school and have an interest in working on some aspect of tribal land management. The purpose of this program is to provide real-life experience to students, exposure to tribal land issues and the work of the tribal land office.

This internship should extend over a period of 10 or 11 weeks during the summer, with students committing to work 400 hours during that time. Students will be required to keep a brief daily log of their internship activities, which will be submitted along with a 2-to-5-page report to the Foundation detailing what they did and what they learned from the experience.

Please note: In addition to the student reports, supervisors must also complete a report summarizing intern activities, challenges and/or successes to implementing the program in their community and submit quality photographs of the students at work on the job.

Additional information:

- Internships are for high school students only. College students are not eligible. - Interns cannot be an immediate family member of current department staff. - ILTF will select the tribal land offices to receive funding. - Tribal land office staff will recruit and select interns to work in their office.

Application deadline is January 15, 2021

Please provide the following information in writing to ILTF.


Contact person:


City, State, Zip: Phone number: Email address:

Please answer the following questions in detail (on a separate piece of paper).

  1. How will students be recruited for the internship position? Please provide details.

  2. Who will be the interns' direct supervisor?

  3. Describe the nature and duties of the intern(s). What activities will he/she complete or participate in while working in the land office? Be as specific as possible in outlining the work each intern will do during the summer internship period. (Please use a separate sheet of paper)

  4. Provide a budget for the internship(s) you are requesting. (Please use a separate sheet of paper)

Please mail the complete application to:

Nicole Olson, Grants Administrator Indian Land Tenure Foundation 151 County Road B2 East Little Canada, MN 55117

For questions please email or call 651-766-8999



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