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Supporting Sustainable Futures: Empowering Native Agriculture

Our commitment to sustainable economic futures is deeply intertwined with our connections to land, families, and traditions. For nearly four decades, we've been dedicated to empowering Native agricultural producers across the nation, reinvigorating food economies in Indian Country with opportunities like the Made/Produced by American Indians trademark and the American Indian Foods (AIF) program. We're thrilled to share remarkable highlights from our recent endeavors, showcasing the transformative impact of your support.

Why Your Support Matters

Native food producers, culture bearers, and land stewards lie at the heart of our mission. By investing in their success, we're investing in the health and well-being of our communities. Through the AIF program, we provide vital market and export expansion opportunities, enabling Native producers to thrive.

Preserving Authenticity, Boosting Visibility

One example we shared with you this past month is Bidii Baby Foods—a Navajo Nation agricultural cooperative and AIF member. Inspired by the birth of their son, Zach and Mary Ben embarked on a journey to reconnect Native communities with traditional foods. Their line of nutritious baby foods aims to nourish children from prenatal to five years old. But they're not just producers; they're advocates.

A Triumph for Native Food Systems

Another success story is Ute Bison’s Local Food for Schools Cooperative Agreement with the Utah State Board of Education. Ute Bison, a tribal-owned business in partnership with the Ute Indian Tribe on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation was recently contracted to supply ground bison for the state's school breakfast and lunch program. Their commitment to providing consumers with healthy, quality bison meat products aligns seamlessly with IAC’s AIF program goals and resonates far beyond a business triumph—it's a tangible step towards healthier, more sustainable food systems.

Investing in Native Food Connection: Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

IAC ensures that producers like Bidii Baby Foods and Ute Bison are celebrated for their contributions to society. Every contribution you make becomes an investment in the Native food connection, a link that bridges cultures and enriches lives. From now until August 27, your impact is magnified. Thanks to the generosity of the John Deere Foundation, every dollar you donate is matched dollar for dollar, up to a maximum of $5,000. This means your support goes twice as far in sowing the seeds of positive change.

Join the Journey: Let's Cultivate Change Together

Your gift fuels IAC’s vision of a brighter future, one where Native agriculture flourishes and communities thrive. Together, we're creating a legacy that transcends generations, nurturing a healthier, more sustainable world.

This is your chance to be part of something transformative. Your support not only enriches Native agribusinesses but also paves the way for a resilient, sustainable future. Let's seize this opportunity—together!


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