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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

The Intertribal Agriculture Council recognizes the deep connections that Native peoples have with the lands on which we reside. This year, like every year, we celebrate Native American Heritage by honoring the harmonies of man, soil, water, air, vegetation, and wildlife, which are vital to the economic and social welfare of American Indian and Alaska Native peoples.

The IAC has expanded its capacity this year to strengthen food systems in Indian Country. In early June 2022, IAC brought on new Technical Assistance Specialists in Alaska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Louisiana to address the need for service expansion. Given the issues that Native producers face, IAC is committed to their support and to improving community food systems through its diverse program offerings.

This month we will share stories from Native producers—original land stewards—in honor of their resilience in Indian Country. We invite you to watch our social media channels and the website for new stories each week!



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