Congratulations Bob Miller Memorial Youth Scholarship Winners!

Since its inception, the Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) has recognized the need for qualified professionals as critical to our mission. This vision led to the duly-named Bob Miller Memorial Youth Scholarship.

“Until the time Tribes reinstitute our own standards for education and knowledge in these realms, an essential part of becoming a recognized professional is education through an accredited institution of higher learning,” said IAC Executive Director Zach Ducheneaux.

In order to create this cadre of professionals, the forefathers of the IAC created a scholarship for those seeking education in related fields. Some of the first recipients of this scholarship have gone on to work for, and lead, the IAC in various roles.

One of those forefathers, the late Robert (Bob) Miller, founding IAC Board President and member of the board until his passing in 2019, continued this commitment to education throughout his tenure with the IAC. As a tribute to his commitment to this initiative, at the 2019 IAC Annual Conference, the scholarship fund was named in his memory.

IAC is pleased to announce the 2020 Bob Miller Memorial Youth Scholarship recipients:

Owen Gustafson, Kaylee VanMeter, Cade McCoy, Brennen Jones, Josh Winnett, Francis Werk, Necole Begay, Santana Nez, Kinsey Black, Nathan Benally, Kyleen Hewitt, Sha’Teal Pearman, Nionna Phillips, Shyanne Eustace, Alex Davis, Sunshine Tso, Daniel Hatden, Alexander Peterson, Sequoyah Osborne, Kaylene Nevaquaya, Lenora Moore, Calico Ducheneaux, Cherish Tsosie and Nizhoni Tallas.

We applaud your efforts thus far and know the future will be made better by your contributions.

Come join us! Youth are the future. IAC Youth efforts can be found here:

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