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South Dakota Grasslands Planner Now Offering eCalendar

The Natural Resources Programming for the Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) has partnered with the South Dakota Grasslands Coalition, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition, and South Dakota’s Conservation Districts to bring farmers and ranchers the SD Grasslands Planner in a new online eCalendar format.

This will be the eleventh year for the publication of the SD Grasslands Planner and the first year for the SD Grasslands eCalendar. The planner originated as a document that ag operators could use to record their notes during the year for their grazing systems and it could also serve as documentation for participating in USDA Farm Bill Programs. There are helpful reminders, tips, webinars, and conferences included in this new eCalendar format that may be of interest to farmers and ranchers and that can benefit their overall production. The first of every month, the 2021 SD Grassland Planner features people across SD who have a passion for managing healthy grasslands and soils. The eCalendar follows suit and organizes important dates all in one place!

“We know in today’s world things are always changing and that is why the importance of a readily available calendar all in the palm of your hand will help take your ranch management skills to the next level,” said Sha’Teal Pearman, IAC Natural Resources Program Assistant, who was pivotal in making the eCalendar a reality. “Ag producers are busy, and we simply want to help save them time and provide a vehicle to track their progress.”

This eCalendar can be added to an existing calendar and will also notify land stewards of herd health factors, migration periods, production cycles, and financial planning timeframes that will help elevate their operation’s connection to the land.

“We are eager to work with this partnership on this new platform for delivering timely, science-based resource management information out to ag producers,” says Emily Helms, State Rangeland Management Specialist – Huron. “Our field specialists monitor weather and moisture situations as they affect grasslands and forage production. And we offer free, on-site consultations for drought resilience planning, grazing practices, water developments, etc. that helps producers manage the health of their natural resources for a stronger bottom line.”

“One of the benefits of this partnership is the ability for us to quickly share news and information pertinent for managing our land and livestock,” says Brett Nix, Chair of the SD Grassland Coalition. “There are some excellent events for ag producers such as the Grazing School, pasture walks, or Rancher’s Workshops. This eCalendar is a great way to spread the word as communities plan their local events throughout the year.”

The printed Grassland Planner is available free of charge from your local NRCS or conservation district or contact the SD Grassland Coalition at:

Find directions for subscribing to the SD Grasslands calendar at:

How to Integrate the SD Grasslands eCalendar within an Existing Calendar video link:



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