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The SW IAC Virtual Summit: Buying Local to Restore Native Health -September 22-23

Virtual Conference Agenda:

Tuesday, September 22:

9 a.m. – Welcome Address with Governor Michael Chavarria, Santa Clara Pueblo

NEW NMCGA Director Introduction – Jonas Moya, Executive Director NMCGA

A Discussion with the Far West Pueblo – Michael Kotutwa Johnson, Ph.D.

Resiliency through Native Pathways – Reagan Wytsalucy, USU Extension Assistant Professor

Where do I find ag numbers? – Longino Bustillos, New Mexico State Statistician, National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS)

Tax Issues for Tribal Producers – Ruby Ward, Utah State University Extension

Growing the Painted Horse Garden Box Program, creating strong food systems and good health – Suzanne Prevadale, USU Extension Associate Professor; Cassandra Manning,

Painted Horse DPP Director; Yvette Rea, Create Better Health Ambassador and USU Extension Master Gardener

Arizona Tribal Extension Update – Trent Teegerstrom, FRTEP Agent and Three Navajo Agents

COVID-19 Update, Drought Related Programs – Lisa Garay, NM District Director, Farm Service Agency (FSA)

You Can Grow Cover Crops – Daniel Bloedel, Resource Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Wednesday, September 23:

9 a.m. IAC Historical Overview – Ross Racine NAAF Board of Trustees and Former Executive Director of IAC

Fancy Blue Corn Pancakes Food Demo – Alana Yazzie, The Fancy Navajo Lifestyle and Food Blogger

Conclusion – Q&A Session All Presenters

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